The Pro Football Concussion Report

A Fan's Look at Head Injuries and the Concussion Crisis in Football

1 PLAYER & 2 HEAD INJURIES in 1 Quarter


RG3 may have received most of the Redskin concussion attention lately, but Jordan Pugh certainly deserves his share. Last week, he actually left the game twice after being “shaken up.” The second time for good. Apparently, the term “shaken up” is on the Washington Redskins list of approved medical terms. Eric Goldwein reports for, “When I asked (Thom) Mayer, the NFLPA’s medical director, about Pugh’s two injuries, he basically agreed with the league’s take. “I don’t think the second one was necessarily related to the first,” he told me, referring to the first head injury as a “subconcussive blow.”

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