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Browns Medical Staff Miss Another QB Concussion


Once again it appears that the Cleveland Browns medical staff may have missed a concussion suffered by the team’s quarterback during a game. Remember, in a late season 2011 game, Colt McCoy was laid out by James Harrison (who was fined for the hit) and suffered a concussion. Unfortunately, everyone watching saw the huge hit and feared the worst, except the Cleveland Browns medical staff who later claimed they didn’t see the hit and only checked McCoy’s hand for injury upon examining the player on the field. McCoy was OK’d to return to play and was diagnosed with a concussion a few plays later after throwing an interception.

Brandon Weeden was diagnosed with a concussion after yesterday’s Jacksonville Jaguars game. According to a report it’s not clear when Weeden suffered the concussion. Perhaps the docs will spot it in the game film.

McCoy’s concussion became somewhat controversial as his father (and high school coach) called out the Browns for not recognizing the concussion symptoms immediately.




“It would’ve taken my high school trainer longer than that to determine if he was okay after a hit like that” ~ HS coach and Colt McCoy’s father, Brad McCoy


Some claim that McCoy was later cut from the team as a result of his father’s loud and clear finger-pointing at the lack of appropriate concussion care exercised by the Browns coaching and medical staff.


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