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Concussion settlement data has been supplied to court

Ray Easterling committed suicide 8 months after suing the NFL (Isaac Harrell)



Ray Easterling would call my partner Larry (Coben) quite frequently . . .  “I can’t handle it, it’s not going to work.” Try as we may, he committed suicide. ~ Sol Weiss, co-lead counsel NFL concussion litigation


Former Atlanta Falcon Safety Ray Easterling was part of the first group of former players to file a concussion lawsuit against the NFL. He committed suicide 8 months after his lawsuit was filed. Easterling’s attorney, Sol Weiss, was one of several speakers at a sports law symposium (43:55 mark ) at Villanova University School of Law on Friday, March 21.

Weiss told symposium moderator Andrew Brandt that all of the financial data and statistical models from both sides has been supplied to Special Master Perry Golkin for consideration. Golkin was appointed by Judge Anita Brody evaluate the financial aspects of the concussion settlement   He added that he expects the court’s financial expert to advise the judge “shortly” on his view of the class-action plan.


Attorney Sol Weiss speaks to Andrew Brandt at Villanova University School of Law


The people that we hired to do the analysis tell us it’s so. I have no reason to doubt them. I have looked at the models and they appear appropriate to me. Very appropriate. And there will be some money left at the end of 60 years.


According to SF Gate, “Brody could approve the settlement, reject it, or perhaps suggest the two sides negotiate anew. However, the plaintiffs’ lawyers consider time of the essence, especially for families dealing with the dementia, depression and even violence associated with traumatic brain injuries.”


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