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Dick Vermeil against California Bill

Dick Vermeil coached the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory in 1999.


NFL coaching veteran and San Jose State alumnus Dick Vermeil just penned an op-ed piece for the Mercury News urging California representatives to vote NO on proposition AB 1309.

“If AB 1309 passes, the Legislature will only be helping out-of-state team owners escape their obligations to the players. It is not fair to convert hard-earned player benefits into owner profits.”

AB 1309 is the professional sports athlete exclusion bill that would remove the ability of designated professional athletes in football, basketball, baseball and hockey from utilizing California’s workers compensation system.

“Let’s treat NFL athletes like the employees they are. Their employers are now trying to take away their collectively bargained right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California. Urge your representatives to vote no on AB 1309.”


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