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How did the Seau Family choose the NIH for Junior’s Brain?

Seau Family (family photo)


How did the Seau family choose the NFL supported NIH as the destination for Junior Seau’s brain research? Apparently, behind the scenes there was a “surreal” battle going on. According to yesterday’s ESPN Outside the Lines piece, Dr. Bennet Omalu, the father of C.T.E. in football players aggressively sought to get custody of Seau’s brain to pursue research. And at least 5 other research teams contacted the Seau family to win the battle for Seau’s brain.

Ultimately it seems that the family chose the NIH, based on the advice of Seau’s good friend and embattled Chargers team doctor Dr. David Chao. Before advising the family, Chao first spoke to the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee’s Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD ATC, a calm, but outspoken supporter of the NFL’s safety efforts. Soon after the NIH decision, the NFL awarded the government entity a $30 million research grant.

I don’t think you tell the NIH what you expect. ~ Roger Goodell

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