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Judge Supports NFL Concussion Settlement

Judge Anita Brody's Memorandum Granting Preliminary Approval
Judge Anita Brody's Memorandum Granting Preliminary Approval


On Monday, July 7, three years after the first NFL concussion lawsuit was filed in 2011, Judge Anita Brody issued a 21 page Memorandum granting preliminary approval of the revised class action settlement proposal. It’s now possible that the settlement could be finalized within six months or so and former football players could start receiving benefits. Of course the possibility also exists that if enough players choose to opt-out or object to the settlement over the next few months the NFL could decide to withdraw the offer and return to court.

The memorandum is interesting in that it offers the most communication we’ve heard from the federal judge who is presiding over the case. Over the 21 pages, Judge Brody carefully details all of the reasons for her support of the proposed settlement including the critical decision to grant class certification to the approximately 20,000 former NFL players.

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