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Kevin Turner & Shawn Wooden Op-Ed

Shawn Wooden with Dolphin Cheerleaders
Shawn Wooden with Dolphin Cheerleaders (AP)


In a recent op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel, former NFL players Kevin Turner and Shawn Wooden discussed various positive attributes of the proposed concussion settlement. One of the interesting points they raised is that participation in the concussion plan’s BAP program may make it easier to qualify for other existing NFLPA neuro-benefit plans.


“Additionally, this settlement leaves intact all other benefits the NFL currently offers former players, such as the 88 Plan, Article 65 neurocognitive benefit or disability. If anything, this agreement will make it easier for us to take advantage of these existing benefits, by providing ironclad medical documentation we can use with benefit administrators.” – former players Kevin Turner and Shawn Wooden


Though the history of those other plans is shaky, perhaps the bright light that the concussion litigation has shone on the medical condition of former players will help boost participation and transparency in these existing plans too.



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