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On the road to $25 Billion Dollars

NFL Doctors


As expected, the NFL medical experts have studied their information and reported that there is no increase in the number of injuries during Thursday night football games. In the report, the doctors used scientific looking figures with decimal points to justify their conclusion.

“In 2012, the injury rate for Thursday games was 5.2 per game versus 5.3 in games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.”

So it’s actually the safest day to play football, by 1/10th of an injury. Perhaps they should play all games on Thursday. Oh, those NFL scientists.

Because Roger Goodell has mapped out a strategy that will bring the owners revenues of $25 billion dollars per year, it can be assumed that additional  Thursday night games play a role in that business plan.  As well as more overseas games (and new foreign marketing partners contracts?) and an 18 game regular season instead of the current 16 games.

Michael David Smith of NBC Sports says, “it’s easy to be skeptical, of course, when the NFL itself is the source of this information: Would the league really tell us if more players were getting hurt in the games that were moved to Thursdays to give the league-owned network more programming? But that’s the NFL’s story: There are no more injuries in Thursday games than in any other games.”

The injury figures can be considered suspect if you look at the number of reported concussions on the PBS Frontline Concussion Watch website. The average number of concussions per team for the entire season was about 5 (err . . . 5.3125, for the NFL medical experts), with 3 teams (Dolphins, Falcons and Chargers) only reporting 2 concussions for the entire season. 2 concussions for the entire team over 16 games seems kinda low if you’ve ever, umm . . . watched an NFL game.

Certainly, the statistics and the research can be collected, interpreted and presented in many different ways. When the research is funded, collected and distributed by the NFL . . . well let’s just say it’s not unusual if the research supports the team owners providing us fans with even more of the great entertainment that we love.

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