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I’m Batman Snickers TV Commercial

Concussion awareness has come a long way since the NFL concussion lawsuits began. Here’s a 1996 Snickers commercial featuring a quarterback that just got his bell rung. The coach and medical staff ask him who he is and he answers, “I’m Batman.” But what is unusual is that the coach actually pulls him out of the game. Show business.

human being under the helmet

Dorsey Leven’s has produced a 50-minute documentary “Bell Rung,” which highlights the health issues facing football players. Compared to many of his film’s subjects, Levens, 42, said he is a picture of health. But sleeplessness, irritability, and memory loss made him go to the doctor to see if his symptoms were caused by football.

The Boston Globe



“I know it’s coming Dan, I know it’s coming. Sometimes I do forget things and I’m 39 years old and this is something that’s very scary to me. I used my helmet a lot and I got knocked out a lot . . . I’m scared to death.” Rodney Harrison on the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

Dan Patrick Show


Top Recruit Ends Career as Sophomore

Aristea Brady reports on the decision to quit football by one of the nation’s top 2010 high school recruits. Jimmy Gjere had started 5 games for the University of Minnesota in 2011 before suffering his most recent concussion.

CBS-TV Minnesota