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The Smartest Guy on the Field?

“I had like 5 phone calls to convince him to let me retire. It took forever.”
– Jacob Bell recalling his agent Drew Rosenhaus’ reaction to Bell’s decision to retire due to long-term health concerns.



Sarasota County Using Computer Testing

It allows us to know when the brain heals back to their baseline. If they have a concussion, we go back, we test them again. Until that test is equal to baseline, they can’t return to play protocols.

Keven Eichorn, AT, Booker H.S.

Fox-13 Tampa Bay


CNN Football and Brain Injury

“For years they denied any type of link between repeated trauma to the head and brain damage, and finally…  they had to step up and admit the link although they still want to fund studies to be absolutely sure.”
-House Rep. Linda Sanchez, CA

Rep. Sanchez YouTube


Glenn Beck Says No to Helmets

“…players know they have the best equipment in the world ” players are much more likely to lead with their head, engage in head to head combat when rugby players know “I got to use my head tomorrow, I don’t I don’t have anything protecting me” so they’re more careful.”

Media Matters TV