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ASU QB Quits After 4th Concussion

It’s about the rest of my life. Five weeks later and I still have the same headache as I did when I got hit. My brain couldn’t take another hit. I think it’s just acknowledgement of the injury and the recovery process that’s important.”

KTVK-3, Phoenix, AZ


Roger Goodell Testifies to Congress

“Current research with professional athletes has not shown that having more than one or two concussions leads to permanent problems if each injury is managed properly. It is important to understand that there is no magic number for how many concussions is too many.”

CBS 60 Minutes A Blow to the Brain

“Tebow seemed invincible, until he took this hit. Tebow suffered a concussion, meaning his brain slammed into his skull causing a disruption. He spent the night at the hospital. He wasn’t allowed back on the field for 10 days.”

CBS, Oct 2009


ESPN Outside the Lines Suing the NFL

“…it (NFL Concussion Committee) essentially spent most of its time trying to downplay the independent research out there that showed that causal link between head injuries in football and long-term cognitive issues.”