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Football Helmets Won’t Ever Prevent Concussions

Plastic Football Helmet
All helmets are made of plastic (EBAY)


“After talking to some of the brightest minds in helmet design, helmet testing and football physics, the elephant in the room became clear: A concussion-proof helmet is a pipe dream. If the NFL wants concussion-free football, they’ll need to redesign football.”

Goodell May have to choose between Owners and Politics

Roger Goodell and his father, Sen. Charles Goodell, 1970
Roger Goodell and his father, Sen. Charles Goodell, 1970 (AP)


If Roger Goodell wants to follow in his father, the late Senator Charles Goodell’s footsteps, he might be forced to pay more attention to the polls. Although his approval rating among his bosses, the NFL owners, is likely 90 – 100% as a result of spearheading the league through unprecedented popularity and profits, his appeal to fans and players seems to be waning.

NFL Owners add 2 more D.C. lobbyists in 2012

Lamar Smith receives money from the NFL
Rep. Lamar Smith received $25,000 from NFL lobbyists


The NFL continues to reinforce their standing as a giant, profitable organization with $9 billion per year in revenue to protect and grow. Or is employee safety the priority . . . we digress. A recent report in CREW, a Washington D.C. watchdog group details the NFL’s recent forward progress deeper and deeper into Washington D.C.’s red zone. 

Remembering Detroit Lion WR Chuck Hughes

October 25, 1971 Sarasota Journal


Bernard Pollard’s recent statement regarding an NFL Player eventually dying on the field as a result of the increasing player speed and power violence reminds us of the only NFL player to actually die on the field in uniform. Detroit Lion Chuck Hughes had a massive heart attack and collapsed during the 4th quarter of a 1971 game between the Lions and the Chicago Bears.

Hitman Bernard Pollard fears Killing a Guy Someday

T-Shirt Commemorating Pollard's Hit on Tom Brady


Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has caused his share of big hits in the NFL. He’s the guy who took out Pats QB Tom Brady for a season. And he once knocked Pats WR Wes Welker out of a game. And he ended another game early for Pats TE Rob Gronkowski. And most recently, in the AFC Championship game, Pollard knocked out Patriots running back Stevan Ridley. Knocked Ridley out cold.

NBA’s Royce White issue has NFL Parallels

Houston Rockets Rookie Demands Non-Team Doctor (AP)


Watching HBO Real Sports piece on Houston Rockets basketball player Royce White brings to light many of the same issues that are currently plaguing the NFL. White, a 2012 first round draft pick has yet to play in the NBA because of his demands for appropriate medical care. White suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, an illness that sometimes manifests itself in a unusual level of fear and anxiety in dealing with common tasks such as flying and driving.

Boies thinks NFL & Players will work out safety issues

David Boies on the NFL Concussion Lawsuits
Attorney David Boies (Bloomberg)


Super lawyer David Boies, outside counsel to the NFL and one of the architects of the controversial 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, told Rick Horrow of Bloomberg TV that he doesn’t think the concussion lawsuits are a threat to the health of the NFL.