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Player Medical Records On-Line!

NFL On-Line Medical Records Sharing  (photo: Griffin Technology)


The NFL in accordance with the 2011 CBA is introducing an iPad medical records sharing program to be used by all of the 32 teams in the league. They are touting the program as an improvement in sideline concussion assessment, although it seems like it’s more practical as an HR resource that allows teams to better evaluate new players when making personnel decisions.

The NFL said they have not determined how the database will be used in relation to free agents. Certainly, it’s in the owners best interest competitively and financially to have as much medical history as possible on each of their employees, or potential employees.

The NFL made a statement to USAToday:

“We are still discussing how to handle free agent medical records with the union,” the NFL said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. “It is a work in progress. We will not use the EMR to share records between teams until after the pilot stage of the program.”

Regardless, it will be positive step when the few players that are actually diagnosed with a concussions (the Falcons, Dolphins and Chargers each diagnosed only 2 concussions last season) are forced to sit out long enough to ensure better healing of the brain injury. Currently, diagnosed players are able to return to play as soon as they pass a test and get an okay from a doctor. Sounds official, but the reality is that players are routinely passing the test 2-3 days after the injury and returning to work. But has their brain injury healed?

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