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Roger and Homer Summer Together

Homer's Gulf Stream
In Winslow Homer's Gulf Stream, a lone black sailor is surrounded by a sea of sharks.


It’s only 7 years since the 32 NFL team owners narrowly chose Roger Goodell as their organization’s commissioner over CBA attorney Gregg Levy of the Covington Burling law firm. And now Goodell can enjoy the spoils of the NFL’s huge financial success. Reportedly the Goodell family is building a large summer home in the area of Prouts Neck in Scarborough, Maine. Their new backyard view will be similar to that of the famous American painter, Winslow Homer.

Goodell’s annual pay has steadily risen as the NFL’s financial success as gone up. Since he was chosen by the owners to head the league, Goodell has led the group through a player collective bargaining agreement, new advertising sponsorship relationships, and played a major role in defending the league against multi-million or even potentially multi-billion dollar lawsuits. The owners are making more money than ever (on their NFL teams) and are rewarding Goodell accordingly.

I think we really lucked out with him as commissioner. I think Roger, once he assumed this position, really runs the NFL like he owns it and thinks like an owner.

~ Robert Kraft, New England Patriots

Artist Winslow Homer (1836 – 1910) painted some of his most well known pieces at his home and studio in Prouts Neck.
According to a 1984 feature in Architectural Digest:

Here he had his first glimpse of the everyday bravery of fishermen as they struggled to wrest a living from the sea. Spurred by what he saw, Homer sailed home late in 1882. He cleaned out the New York studio he had most recently occupied and repaired to Prouts Neck, a fishing village his brother Arthur had discovered in 1874. Hoping to turn the area into a summer resort, Homer’s father and brothers were busy buying up available land.

Perhaps Goodell will learn to relax over the NFL summers with family while painting scenes of sailboats, sea lions, and shark-infested waters.

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