The Pro Football Concussion Report

A Fan's Look at Head Injuries and the Concussion Crisis in Football

Medical Info About Concussions

View the NFL Sideline Post Test

“It is a guide derived from the Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool 2  (SCAT2) (McCrory, et al, BJSM ’09) and represents a standardized method of evaluating NFL players for concussion consistent with the…

CDC Produces NFL Concussion Poster

“Beginning during the 2010 season, a poster on concussion in sports will be displayed in every NFL locker room nationwide. The poster, developed for NFL players, is the result of a joint effort between the NFL, NFL Players Association, CDC, Professional Football Athletic”

Talking to Your Patients (Podcast)

“Make it clear that a repeat concussion can lead to long term problems.” –Talking to Your Patients: A Clinician’s Guide to Treating Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryNational Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

Dr. Bailes on Football Concussions

“…but the more common problem we worry about with concussions is that getting a concussion on top of one that hasn’t healed is where we think the risk for prolonged symptoms such as headache, memory problems, problems concentrating…”

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