The Pro Football Concussion Report

A Fan's Look at Head Injuries and the Concussion Crisis in Football

Scientists finding Pathology of CTE Unique

CTE Brain Comparison
CTE: Normal Brain, Tom McHale's Brain, Boxer's Brain


Is it possible to expect that pounding heads after school everyday, then in college, and then for 5 to 15 years as a job would not result in some sort of unique damage to what’s inside your head? Most people don’t do this in their lives and certainly not with the 6’4″ 280 lb. men who play pro football. Researchers are now finding that the repetitive head trauma suffered in a lifetime of activity like tackle football can lead to a unique, characteristic pathology found only in brains that have endured that type of repetitive head trauma. According to Boston University’s Lee Goldstein, MD, PhD “we do not see this type of pathology in individuals without any history of trauma.” Dr. Goldstein adds that these consequences do not necessarily require a “concussion per se or loss of consciousness.”  “Some of these injuries may occur in people who are stunned maybe or they’re not exactly right – their bells have been rung for example – but they’re not knocked out, they don’t black out.”

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