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There seems to be an awful lot of money available for concussion research lately. Actually for at least the last 10 years, NFL MTBI committee members and now, current NFL Concussion Committee members and their associated universities and institutions jostle for their piece of a lucrative research pie. Over $100 million has been pledged by the NFL and the NFLPA alone. Almost as much money as the Packers have pledged to QB Aaron Rodgers! But unfortunately, some of the paid research seems to just end up supporting a business position or enhancing the marketing of a particular product.

A new report by ESPN shows that although Riddell sold millions of dollars worth of “concussion-safer” football helmets with the help of some company funded University of Pittsburgh research, the company had received previously funded research information that concluded helmets did nothing for concussions.

Back in 2000 the company received a warning: A biomechanics firm hired first by the NFL and later by Riddell to test helmets and study head injuries sent the company a report showing that no football helmet, no matter how revolutionary, could prevent concussions.

An older ESPN piece from last year reveals some curious information about the University of Pittsburgh scientists (and former NFL MTBI committee members) and their popular ImPACT concussion testing product.

If the former players suing the league are allowed to pursue legal discovery, they might have quite a fun time connecting many of the last 20 years worth of NFL committee members to millions in university grant money, journal papers, concussion products and scientific awards.


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